24, rue des Bois

by Zoom Back Camera

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Itinéraire initiatique, Zoom Back Camera est à la fois une expansion du senti, un bloc note géographique de l'âme et une anticipation du hors-champ photographique. C'est un gaz volatile dont son créateur est l'étincelle : ils prennent feu ensemble lorsque la mélodie des choses se révèle à lui, quand les connexions opèrent en chimie nouvelle et que le chaudron bouillant des émotions se métamorphose en chimère délicate. C'est l'invitation à un voyage intime retranscrit grâce à la forge digital des microprocesseurs de l'existence.





released October 22, 2015

Musicien additionnel : Renaud Jumbou (batterie)
Graphisme : Adèle Hurbault



all rights reserved


Existence Paris, France

Le label Existence propose à ses auditeurs une source d'idées sonores au format magnétique.

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Track Name: Paris
every people in the street,
a gallery shaped in a tunnel.
i am assimilated in,
to the stomach of humanity.

feelings like bullets in the air :
this is an invisible war.
which portrait to draw ?
which portrait to ignore ?

i will forget every glance
but emotions in filigree
will stay in my retina :
a mess of complex tubing.

tubular schemes in my eye :
conducting something but what ?
underwater and ground,
according to the binary rule.
Track Name: Trocadero
shining ducks and swimming drops,
circles made of water : time stops.
hybrid connections in the air,
pollen and electricity everywhere.

molecules in high definition
move towards me : ignition.
my eye, my ear, my skin
get their food like in berlin.

each possibility erases the other
when it burns the atmosphere.
the tight bowstring contains
the algorithm of human brains.

unknown territory is working,
an outline map is waiting,
waiting for schemes and colors,
names and numbers, brothers and lovers.
Track Name: Annaëlle_HD
avec toi, je cesse d'être un autre,
tu m'as offert la sensation d'être moi,
je ne désire plus ce que je n'ai pas.

avec toi, le réel est à moi,
je n'ai plus peur de dire je suis !
je cours vers notre amour
Track Name: b.Boy
blue boy you speak free :
you have an internal energy.
i feel your magnetic egg,
crispy silver on the edge.

digital aera of your own,
it's in the air did you know ?
no shame of your naive world,
can i enter your network ?

internet warrior you won't resign,
you'll defend the self-design,
you reinvent the trend
can i be your friend ?
Track Name: fais-toi confiance
discover new areas out in the realm,
inner smiling creativity overwhelm
the abstruse way things can be
in order to pollinate like a bee.

full access to metadata in motion
offers overview of multiplied options,
you just have to learn how to look
to actualize your coloring book.

complex grid of emotions arises :
the geographer's tool to update memories,
receive and absorb overflowing energy
retained and written down by the body.

remember to trust yourself anyways,
even if you feel you go astray.
but be careful dropping candys :
do not betray your neuroplasticity.

you are strong being what you are,
a beautiful shining little star,
so don't be told by anyone to be
a washed-out copy of what you see.

prepare to dare everything out loud :
aim the perfect high-potency cloud
where built-up electricity crackles
and wait for a breathtaking shatter.
Track Name: 2​-​(​1H​-​indol​-​3​-​yl​)​-​1​-​methyl​-​ethylamine
using chemicals with pals to ease the time,
to materialize a brand new instant world.

by the end of the night, wasted brain go upside down :
talking non-sense to my girl as her headache start climbing.

eyes went up as the pain kick in !

facial expressions beyond logic and mathematics :
no proportions (a .jpeg way too large for the computer screen)

disconnected eyes : [bips] in the bed as hands try to reach sensitivity
then back to life _insert breathing here_ escaping a place no one wants to know about
Track Name: Axolotl
they are able to re-grow missing tissue in its entirety, even a whole limb

"little dude is amazing !"

that is why he has been used for research : somebody is trying to get the perfect sodier